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Hi everyone, I dont know if this is against the rules, if so I'm sorry.

I'm posting this because I thought maybe some of you guys are willing to help this little kid. He's from El Salvador ( a third world country) and he needs a liver transplant.

"Hello everybody! 

I'm Selma and I'm raising money to help my friend from high school Mario Cornejo and his wife Briggith cover the medical expenses for a liver transplant for his 18 month old baby boy Dante. He's been diagnosed with Alagille syndrome which is a genetic disorder that can affect the liver, heart, and other parts of the body. One of the major features of Alagille syndrome is liver damage caused by abnormalities in the bile ducts. Fortunately for Dante his liver is the only organ affected, therefore he needs a liver transplant to save his life and unfortunatelly that surgery can't be done in his home country El Salvador, it needs to be done oversear and the cost is around $300,000. We'll love go get your donation to cover the expenses to safe Dante's life and any amount is very welcome. "

Why don't you make like a tree and get out of here?