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OdinHades said:
Fei-Hung said:


I was going to agree with you until someone pointed out that when it's usually a white person committing the same crime they don't say British, or American,  or German, they usually just say someone has been caught for committing such and such an act. 

If a white person commits such a crime, it usually doesn't get any attention at all. According to the german police, there are about 300.000 cases of sexual abuse of children every year. So that's around 800 per day. You just hear nothing about that at all. Instead, let's point at immigrants with our fingers and pretend we're perfect people with no criminals whatsoever among us.

Exactly, should we have 800 threads every day for when a white German sexually abuses a minor? 

Look I'm not in favor of total open door immigration either (I think it needs to be managed and controlled at a slower rate with more emphasis on integration), but scapegoating one group of people like this is getting ridiculous. 

Also if you're going to fixate on negatives, do you also run an article every time an immigrant does something positive?