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TheDeleter said:
Good for Sony. Qauntity doesn't lead to Quality unfortunately. I prefered my N64 over my PS1. I enjoy the PS4 but its focus on VR is off putting for me.

Focus on it? There hasn't been a single PSVR exclusive that is a killer app, and the PSVR is an entirely optional $400 add-on that requires a $60 camera. Sony is aware that this is really only going to be something that enthusiasts go after, and any "focus" they have on it right now is due entirely to the fact that it's a big deal. 


It seems more to me that you're just reaching for a justification for not liking the PS4, which is fine. I don't like XB1, and there are those who think Wii U is a joke. Be honest and don't make up ridiculous excuses. 

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