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Intrinsic said:
Swordmasterman said:

I Still don't think that there will be a PS4K, too Expensive to make, it make Developers go away, split the User Base, they can do much well with PS4, and PS4 Slim, until the End of the Generation, the PS2, sold Over 60 Millions of Units after PS3's Launch, this means that PS2, nearly out-sold PS3, in the same  years, even after 6 Years of Market.

i don't know what you think the PS4k is. There will be no aplittingnof the market. Devs won't be chased away and/or have to choose one PS4 over the other. It also won't cost Sony more to make per say....

To elaboarte on the cost. Sony has been making a profit from selling the PS4 from the day the console was launched. By the time the PS4 is released it would cost Sony probably no more than $200 to make each PS4. which they sell for around $250/$300. Making the PS4k will cost them no more than $350-$400 to make. which they can sell for $400-$500 and again still make a profit. 

Here's another way to look at it. so let's assume it cost Sony $50 for every single APU in the PS4 today using a 28nm process. it would cost  the same amount of money making a processed that's 4 times as powerful using a 14nm process as long as both chips have an identical wafer footprint.

Exactly mate ;)

And look at this :


Rumor: PS4K to have GPU that is Twice as Fast, Launch with God of War 4 - News''

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