elektranine said:
Lol alot of people are falling for Putin's Russia propaganda machine. Highly likely this didn't happen, at least the way they say it happened.

Russian ground troops should not be in Syria due to international law. They claim they are there to stop terrorists but the reality is that they support the Assad regime. Their operatives support Assad in War crimes against men, women, and even children.

The reality is probably more like: Russian operative, assisting Assad with murdering children, gets caught behind enemy lines and gets killed somehow. Russia quickly stripbombs the area to destroy any evidence of the operatives existence, a foreign operative from Russia is not just heavily illegal but would be a huge PR disaster for them. They quickly concoct this media story as a cover up.

This kind of reminds me the time a Russian MIG jet was shot down over Turkish air space and they were "super mad" about it but ultimately did nothing about it because they didn't want their illegal activities exposed.

So ya a "hero" is he not but a murderer of innocent civilians no different than ISIS themselves.

Nice to see Mirror UK is a part of 'Putin's propaganda machine' now!

Assad is legitimate ruler of Syria. And Western rulers LOVED him and kissed his ass (same as Gaddafi's). Only after Assad refused to put Qatar gas pipes thru his country he immediately became 'bloody tyrant' in western media. So Syrian government invited Russia to support its troops. Which is totally legitimate. And USA invading Iraq and bombing Lybia was NOT legitimate. 

Also on Russian jet fallen down. 
1. Sanctions against Turkey are serious. And already cost Erdogan billions. 
2. Syrian army've taken the guys who shot down the plane. Video of their punishment was around youtube lately. 

Btw, It seems that after Russia bombed the hell out of oil transportation routes from ISIS to Erdogan's Turkey the supply of oil became quite lower on the world markets and the oil's prices come up. Coincedence? I don't think so.