Goatseye said:
nanarchy said:

It is not uncommon for 1 or 2 man missions, they act as spotters for artillary and air strikes. They usually don't intend to directly engage with the enemy themselves, they just paint the targets for others, less people equals less chance of being caught and taking 5, 10 or 20 would actually decrease your chance of survival as more chance of being spotted.

It sounds like he was screwed anyway he went, but definitely a brave act. Russia seems to be the only country that have actually made a difference in the fight (even if many of their reasons to help are selfish).

The only thing is, Russia is not fighting ISIS but the rebels. Just this week, US wiped some high ranking ISIS officials in Syria, leaving the ground soldiers with their d*ck in their hands. Russia is fighting the rebels off Assad's back.

yeah ..NO. Not even the US with there Anti Russian agenda go as far as making such a ridiculous statement. Russia is fighting the rebels AND ISIS, mainly ISIS but they definitely are going after the rebels too many of which aren't much better than ISIS. Taking out high level officials is good for press releases and PR, it does very little in the actual war as even the US have stated ISIS work with many people trained to replace anyone so that no person is essential. Palmyra is ISIS, this is where current Russian strikes are centered it seems.