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mrstickball said: Sigh. Always trying to compare a useless HD-DVD to the PS3s Blu-ray. The argument is baseless. The HD-DVD is only there for movie playback, nothing more. Therefore, there'd be no real need for the HD, as the HD is for gaming, not movies. You can complain about how HD-DVD is worse, but it's still a format for media only. There's a reason why MS didn't want the HD-DVD or Blu-Ray as a built-in drive. Still, I'd rather find a $200 core ($100 gift cards are still available), $199 HD-DVD and have a $399 HD-DVD unit rather than a $500 PS3. IF I wanted to just watch movies (of course not, HD-DVD and Blu-Ray are dead to me in terms of my needs)
Actually, he responded to me comparing 360 and ps3 prices. The comparison of the HD-DVD add-on with the $400 360 was made with the $500 ps3, showing that besides playing blu-ray games (which for FMVs and games in a few years will be a big advantage), the functionality is the same but the ps3 costs $100 less. HOWEVER, if you take out the hd-dvd I compared then:
that extra $100 [for the ps3] gets you a blu-ray player, blu-ray games, ability to use any usb keyboard, mouse, and webcam, free internet service, an HDMI port, etc. I think that's $100 well spent. if you want a 360 (15gb version or however much space is left) with an hd-dvd player, it costs you $100 more than a ps3 with all the same functionality...yeah...600 "big ones"