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Just to be clear on this, the CPUs in the 360 and PS3 are *NOWHERE CLOSE* to as powerful as any moderately new Intel or AMD desktop chip. These console chips pack a decent punch in some circumstances because they do SIMD so well (this goes for the 360 chip as well as the Cell but it gets less attention) which makes they very good at processing graphical effects, but at general-purpose computing - things like gamecode, physics, AI - they are *EXTREMELY* weak. That's because they've had essentially all their logic and cache stripped. These chips are a *fraction* the size of their desktop counterparts, because they were designed to cost a fraction as much to make. E.g. a PowerPC G5, which these chips are often erroneously compared to, absolutely *DWARFS* these chips. They're not in the same order of magnitude. And that goes for performance as well.