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@ Twelve

Agreed, Mike. The negative press has much to do with the PS3's pricetag and the desire for competition to keep Sony honest. NOBODY(except fanboys) wants to see Sony dominate again like they did with the PS2, and so the PS3 is constantly being hamstringed. Most don't look at the long run nor do they have a history of gaming and the reasons why certain consoles sold more than others.
I would like the PS3 to dominate this round, yet I am not really a Playsation or Sony fanboy, although I do respect the company for a rich history of innovations and their past success stories. I own a nice Sony TV set, yet I never owned a Playstation 2, me and my girlfriend actually own Nintendo DSes, now I also have my sister's XBox 360 Premium sitting here in my living room as a while back I advised my parents the console at the time would be the best choice to suit their HDTV set. IMO there are other considerations to take into account, for instance Kwaad mentioned he likes to use Linux on his console, for this the PS3 is the best console choice available (for instance you can use the Office suite with keyboard and mouse on the PS3). Also for developers who are interested in Cell development the PS3 is a very interesting device, the Cell is planned to be used in a huge amount of other poducts, including by Sony's rival Toshiba. From IBM DeveloperWorks (From Part 1 in a series of IBM/PS3 articles): "The Sony PLAYSTATION 3 (PS3) is the easiest and cheapest way for programmers to get their hands on the new Cell Broadband Engine (Cell BE) processor and take it for a drive. Discover what the fuss is all about, how to install Linux on the PS3, and how to get started developing for the Cell BE processor on the PS3. " Part 3 is now available: Programming high-performance applications on the Cell BE processor, Part 3: Meet the synergistic processing unit Link here But Sony allows any 'Other OS' to be installed on the Playstation 3, this is also of interest to some niche markets like the Amiga community. AmigaOS4 has recently been finished and for instance received a very good review over at Ars Technica, but apart from yesteryear's PPC development platforms the OS at this point isn't able to run on anything else (although soon there will be, but these product are mostly aimed at the embedded market, so only the more vivid AmigaOS4 ethusiasts would pay for a limited dedicated AmigaOS4 system, see link below), for such reasons the PS3 is also of interest to the Amiga community and the wider the PS3 market becomes, the more potential this product offers niche OS projects as well. Ars Technica AmigaOS4 review Official AmigaOS4 website ACube systems

Naughty Dog: "At Naughty Dog, we're pretty sure we should be able to see leaps between games on the PS3 that are even bigger than they were on the PS2."

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