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Hi all,

I was hoping to create a good study-music playlist (or ~4 hour long video to put on YouTube) of VGM (and anime music could be considered too; but preferably without lyrics ex: Girei from Naruto) and wanted to enlist the help of this userbase. Have any suggestions for good video-game/anime music that you want to contribute? Fire away!

A few loose guidelines:

If you see a song you like that has already been posted, you can endorse that selection by adding a little "+1 to'Darude Sandstorm'" in your post alongside your selection. I appreciate all the help I can get, but at the same time suggestions can dogpile very quickly and at that point it becomes hard to wade through; so try not to get too out of hand lol.

Furthermore, try to consider music that you could conceivably see yourselves succesfully study to (just an optional guideline to show you where my head is at). I did consider selecting songs from Platina's music recommendation thread, but that list is huge lol. I'd much rather set some relatively-loose guidelines and ask the community for their help.

I'll try to compile an agreeable list and then order them well and make a nice video and/or playlist before finals start next month. If someone else on the site can benefit from a premade study music album/playlist, then all the better!

If you are struggling to come up with a suggestion but want to contribute, I'd say that main menu and overworld themes make the best choices; but honestly there are no bad suggestions. Some good examples of study music for me that will probably make the list would be Oxenfurt from The Witcher 3 or Home in Florence from AC2

If you choose to help out, thank you in advance! If not thank you for reading, perhaps you may get something out of this anyhow.


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