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MikeB said: The PPE is a 64 bit processor core (with an Altivec unit), the 7 SPEs are 128-bit processor cores. SPEs offer both enormous strenghts as well as some weaknesses compared to more ordinary processor cores. But at the uses they excel they are many times more powerful than traditional processor cores. One of the SPEs is fully reserved for the SystemOS running in the background and should soon be put to some good use. IMO this can be looked at as a good thing as new additional system-wide features should not impact game performance.
There is no denying that the Cell's unique architecture has its advantages and disadvantages. The whole point of my post was simply to say the Cell is not an 8 core CPU. If the Cell had 8 PPE's it would be an 8 core CPU. Whether we ever get to see the Cell's full power depend on several factors, one of which is the sales of the PS3.
Twelve said: Agreed, Mike. The negative press has much to do with the PS3's pricetag and the desire for competition to keep Sony honest. NOBODY(except fanboys) wants to see Sony dominate again like they did with the PS2, and so the PS3 is constantly being hamstringed. Most don't look at the long run nor do they have a history of gaming and the reasons why certain consoles sold more than others. The PS3 is and will be alright, and will end up winning the war once more. 12
I don't know how you can be so certain of that Twelve. Can the PS3 come back and finish in first? Certainly it can. The problem is th PS3 is out now and is losing ground to both of its competitors each month. It is getting further behind each month in worldwide sales. The longer this continues the less and less likely it will become for the PS3 to "win" this generation. Having the most expensive platform to develop for, the most difficult platform to develop for, the worst development tools, and the smallest userbase is NOT a recipe for success. Its too early for Sony to hit the panic button, the PS3 has yet to launch in Europe yet, but Sony needs to come up with some strategy to increase the PS3's US and Japanese sales. All eyes are on Europe at the moment. If the PS3 launches big in Europe and maintains high sales for several months, it will buy Sony the time to right the ship in the US and Japanese markets. If the PS3 fizzles like it has in the US and Japan in particular. Sony would then need to hit the panic button.