Miyamotoo said:
fleischr said:

More than that, 3rd parties know there's a way to make their business grow and be more profitable by working with Nintendo.

I bet EA is angling for a substantially higher royalty than what they earn now from PS and Xbox. That makes each NX unit of Fifa or Madden more profitable than a single copy of those games on PS4/X1. Nintendo and EA would have really nothing to lose and everything to gain from such an arrangement. Under such a model, the NX versions of games may still sell worse than X1, PS4 versions - but it remains a profitable going concern for EA so that EA & Nintendo could nurture the growth of that fanbase.

Yes. Nintendo more needs EA than EA needs Nintendo, so EA can be bolder in request like we sawing in this rumour. But I think they will get some agreement.

It's the other way around.