Iyasu said:
DivinePaladin said:

Wasn't Nintendo involved in using child workers in its Chinese factories a couple years back? I recall one of their factories having this issue without Nintendo's knowledge. 

Foxxconn was using child labor while producing Wii Us or parts for it.

Foxxconn also produces for Apple, Sony, Microsoft, Intel, Samsung, Amazon and many more.

Why don't you hold Foxxconn responsible for what they are doing?

Oh, I do. But the incident I'm noting was specifically involving Nintendo products, and Nintendo gave a vague response of "we're looking into it" per their CSR. If Nintendo doesn't hold Foxconn accountable they become accountable themselves and we've never heard anything from Nintendo since on that front.


Nice job ignoring the second part of my comment though, the part where I'm directly talking about the fact (not accusation) that Nintendo themselves hide their supply chains while the other two publicly release detailed reports on this issue. Gamers like to proclaim that EA is the devil but Nintendo is no better in terms of business practice. They're just better at actually making games. 

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