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ReimTime said:
TLDR: That's equivalent to the statement that Pop music is best designed as a platform for bad instrumentalists. In reality, this is not true as we can find great musicians and vocalists in all genres. What you are instead doing is comparing different genres - and more specifically subgenres - based upon norms that can be found within that genre that may not reflect upon all practising musicians as a whole.

Actually I'd argue that some genres, like hard house, hardcore, hardstyle, NRG etc are utterly devoid of talent. The reason is the music is just made for people off their heads on ket and MDMA. So with that being said, when the purpose of a genre isn't to do with the music per se, then it tends to have a low standard of quality - with metal being more for protest than the music, I'd argue that's why in general it's quality is quite low.