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Baryonyx said:

There are over 80 different sub-genres of Metal.

Despite this being a massive insult to metal fans, i understand the power of ignorance is not to be under-estimated. 


Educate yourself on a topic instead of stealth-trolling the fanbase behind it. 


Linkin park and radiohead is not metal, it's rock....


I don't need to prove shit to people who doesn't even do their own research before asking others to do it for them. Metal is doing fine without you

The exact kind of hollow reply that is worth no more than "LOL U RONG!" 

How about you explain why OP is "wrong" instead of claiming he is as if it's some innate fact. Having listend to countless different genres, metal rarely has talented singers. No matter what people want to claim, screaming takes far less talent than skillful singing.