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John2290 said:

So, after an hour (and a lifetime) of listening (depending on where you want to believe I'm coming from) I've noticed that their are very little Artists who are decent singers. Theirs the exceptions of course but their seem to be very little, Fred Durst maybe. the lead from Radio head and the rapper from linkin park and a few others ...but if you disagree with this please, in a disscussion devoid of fanboyism, prove me wrong with names, links emmeded videos. Proof. 

And if you agree with me, please be polite and no hatefull crap. Music discussions can turn as volitial as Religious debates so cop on. 

I honestly think you are trolling

You want good metal singers?

Layne Staley -

Ozzy Osbourne -

Dio -


Modern Metal

Papa Emeritus III -

Chino - ~Thank you Stefl1504 for the amazing sig~