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Scoobes said:
Baryonyx said:

Also, I don't think me reacting on Linkin park not being metal as a bad thing, it's the fact that he considered it metal, which just adds more questions: If your favorable Metal bands aren't metal and you in general doesn't like metal, why are you even discussing it. That is my entire point

Out of interest, what do you class Linkin Park as? I've always seen them as nu-metal (and I do listen to metal music). 

Alternative-rock/Hardcore punk/Goth(Original goth music is Electronica) with metal distortion on the guitars. If People consider distortion as the only tool that makes something metal, metal. They are free to believe so if they wish but distortion is only a effect-pedal that distort the sound, metal is only best known for turning the overdrive at max. 


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