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kitler53 said:
ps4/win10 seems like the best combo for gaming now if you are going to own two platforms.

Yes and no.  If you like to game on your PC then yes, if you are like myself, who do not like to game on my PC then no.  My PC is used for work and I have no intention of upgrading it to the latest graphics card, memory, CPU or any of the combinations.  My PC is not hooked up to my Tv in any way shape or form and since I use it for work and not play, I see no reason to hook it up to my TV.  

If anything, I can see MS bringing out something like steam TV.  A device you hook up to your PC that allow you to stream your PC games to your TV.  I can definitely see MS going down this route which would allow them to deliver XBL, publishing their games on PC and still keep you within their ecosystem all the while making sure you purchase games from the Xbox store and upgrade to windows 10 or whatever their next next OS.  Also if this device is small enough, you will be able to take it with you on trips that allow you to stream from your PC at home or maybe register yoru game to Azure on the cloud and still play your collection on the go.  This ties into how MS was going to do the X1 in the beginning but now they can still execute the play with a 2nd device.