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GribbleGrunger said:
jason1637 said:

Well yes i agree in most cases you wouldn't expect a new ip to outsell a bug series but it had a bigger userbase so it out sold it in the US but life time it didnt. Also i think uc4 will move a lot of ps4s WW and it will do pretty good here in the US but nothing really major.


Edit- i apologize for any mistakes in grammer/spelling since im using my phone.

It depends on how you define 'major'. We know that Star Wars sold over 1m bundles and I see no reason why UC4 wouldn't do the same, in fact, because of the many options Sony have with this bundle (and the vanilla bundle), I can see it steadily selling consoles all year:

UC4 LE Bundle
UC4 LE + TLOUR Bundle
UC4 LE + TLOUR + Uncharted Collection Bundle
UC4 Vanilla Bundle
UC4 Vanilla + TLOUR Bundle
UC4 Vanilla + TLOUR + Uncharted Collection Bundle
Naughty Dog LE + TLOUR + Uncharted Collection (for Christmas)

Well i could see unchartef 4 bundle(s) selling 1ml in a year with good legs.

Also i can see an uc4 le, uc4 white,and uc4+ collection bundles. I also think that sony is done bundleing the last of us.