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GribbleGrunger said:
jason1637 said:

The last of us wasnt an uncharted game it was just a new ip that ended up doing well.

I'm not entirely sure I see your point. TLOU was a new IP and as such isn't something you would expect to outsell established franchises, but it did because of how special it was. Here we have the 4th installment (and the last) of the Uncharted series, made by the same people that made the most accomplished Uncharted game and the most awarded video game in history. Uncharted 4 will sell a HUGE amount of PS4s.

Well yes i agree in most cases you wouldn't expect a new ip to outsell a bug series but it had a bigger userbase so it out sold it in the US but life time it didnt. Also i think uc4 will move a lot of ps4s WW and it will do pretty good here in the US but nothing really major.


Edit- i apologize for any mistakes in grammer/spelling since im using my phone.