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jason1637 said:
DonFerrari said:
This may affect NPD enough to make the gap very small between PS4 and X1...

Let's see to what heights UC4 will fly to.

The uncharted series isnt really that huge here in the US. In october the remaster sold less than 300k when Sony has been saying that most PS4 owners havent played an uncharted. I expect the game to sell like previous installments in the series. Also does anyone know when NPD is for January?

Uncharted 3 helped the PS3 go up 70% YoY and it sold 700k in the same month that had releases like CODMW3, BF3, and Skyrim.

TLOU has since shown big numbers, so I think it is much harder to predict Uncharted 4.

I expect low hardware for April, because it is April. But Uncharted 4 SW might surprise.