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WoodenPints said:
DonFerrari said:

Are you sure SF public are satisfied by those games?

Yes, For poeple who use a Wii U or Xbox as their main/only console SFV isn't going to make them go out and buy a PS4 and I think that the userbase that will buy SFV already own a PS4.

I agree but at the same time I really don't think any game can do that unless were talking like COD or something huge like that. This is in general of course I'm sure some people would buy a console for one game. What I think this will do is anyone on the fence with X1/PS4 and is a SF fan will go with PS4. Even my cousin we grew up playing SF and he's really pissed about it and he might be one of the few that goes and gets a PS4 just for this game. He went with the X1 when this gen started. SF is just an all time classic when it comes to fighting games and I don't think this will matter to people in their early 20's/teen years but people in their late 20's+ who were gaming as kids remember SF and I think this will really move console with that fanbase.