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mornelithe said:
poklane said:

Still waiting for Sony to announce that $350 bundle... surely there'll be one?!

Tomb Raider? That's Holiday 2016.

Probably not the best of ideas, if I'm Sony, I'm not basing my holiday software around a year old title, I'm releasing much more highly anticipated games I.E. The Last Guardian, Horizon etc.., which basically means TR will likely be sandwiched in between titles w/ more hype.  I mean, I hope it does well, don't get me wrong, but they'll be advertising it on their own (as Sony has other deals/their own IP to advertise).  And, I think it's equally likely those titles Sony will be advertising will also be bundled w/ hardware.

I'm not worried by it. TR team done their decision, if they flop on PS4 it's due to them so they can't complain.

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