"If the universe is not governed by an absolute goodness, then all our efforts are in the long run hopeless. But if it is, then we are making ourselves enemies to that goodness every day."

It is simple if you have no absolute right and wrong than nothing you said in the OP matters it could either be right and wrong depending on your point of view. Your whole argument relies on everything you said being accurate. If there is no overall purpose than all of that is in your head and will mean nothing when you die. There is nothing in the beginning and there will be nothing in the end and everything will be as if it never was. If you want to be save from this nothingness you have to have faith that can't be absolutely proven even if it is in your false view of the world.

It is guaranteed that no matter who you are no matter when, your view of how things are is wrong if God exist you will never be able to comprehend him/it ect. Just like you will never be able to comprehend the physical reality. Scientists today are not even close they believe in an invisible thing called dark matter that they don't have proof of when it could be that they don't understand gravity. Now if something like what caused the universe is discovered even though it is impossible to observe I would guarantee that you will die before it you find out and that knowledge will eventually be lost.

Now you could have faith in science about any of these things and you have unreasonable faith that can't be proven. Answer this question. What is the concrete rock bottom fact that all other facts are based on? What is the eternal reality that doesn't run down that won't eventually become nothing?

Now here is an even harder question. Why should anyone listen to you? Why should I bother to even consider your position when it won't help me or improve my life one iota. What if I die in one day I would have wasted that day worrying about your pointless thread and if you say because it is true then you have to tell my why anyone should care about the truth if it will eventually disappear, but if that is the case it wasn't actually true. But is what I just said true? Who would you ask? And the would you have unreasonable faith that they were right?

But why would you care about anything I just typed? How do I know that you read everything I typed or considered it no matter what you say should I have unreasonable faith that you will tell me the truth or that you are as smart as you think. But of course replying to me would be pointless I could die tomorrow and everyone who reads this will die. Is the only point that it makes you feel something, but then why should people care about others feelings. If I never visit this website again for all I know you died in a week or never read this.

The only reason I type is I believe that in some way that what we believe is right and wrong, and therefore there is a stranded that people are capable of being farther from or closer to. If this isn't the case than there is no point in saying something is right or wrong because there is no meaning to saying a line is crooked if you have no straight line to compare them to.

People aren't logical so therefore science will never be completely logical if it was completely logical it would only offer expectations laws are not logical because they represent the absolutes and absolutes are unreasonable faith and are only science when absolutely proven because then you have to have unreasonable faith that the person you ask these questions are telling you the truth for things that you can't check for yourself.

No one cares about you they only care about how you make them feel, but of course I don't believe this , but if you are an atheist how do you convince me or anyone that this is not true. Not to insult anyone, but why would insults be wrong to anyone but the person being insulted. After all do on to others what you would have them do to you is an unreasonable sentiment that is not proven by science. If you care about the future after you die that is not truth because you stop caring so it is unreasonable faith in the fact that thing have meaning after you die. So logically only selfishness is logical and anything is permitted as long as it is beneficial to you and you can reasonably get away with it.

I would call this wrong, but I will never find out what you think about it because I will never read to your reply. To me it will be like I am typing to nobody and for all I know nobody will read it and I am only doing this because of the feeling it is making me feel now or perhaps it is the right thing to do, but how do you know you are doing the right thing?