RadiantDanceMachine said:
Puppyroach said:
The problem is that it is claimed to be a supernatural creature that works outside of time and space as we know it. It is then very easy for anyone who believe in its existence to claim it because we can never disprove it. But the moment the believers, or holy texts, claim to have physical evidence of god, then he seizes to be a creature outside of our realm.

So if we were to prove that a god existed, it would be through scientific methodology and therefore god would be a creature limited by natural laws and a scientific entity, not a supernatural one. Therefore it stands to reason that god does not exist since he cannot be a supernatural entity governed by natural laws and is only a figment of people's imagination.

That's part of the point though. If there is such a god that is totally isolated from the Universe, the deistic variation, then his existence is inconsequential to us.

However if there is a god of the personal variety, which you seem to be addressing in paragraph 2, which interacts with the Universe we should be able to detect these interactions since they would violate the laws of physics. It's not that it would be reducible and confined to physical laws, it's simply that there would be obvious signs of these times when he does interact. Similar to when you toss a rock into a body of water, the entry creates a ripple effect. 


But if God IS/ARE the laws of physics.  Mind = blown.

You keep suggesting he has to operate outside the laws of physics.  But if that IS God.  Think about it, we are inherently obeying him and bending to his will, because we ALL have to adhere to the LAWs of physics.


Either that or an ancient alien.