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Not going to a 4 year university doesn't coorelate to being stupid or uneducated. It is a fact that the US has too many college students, and thus the major problems with student loans and underemployment (there's a reason why English majors going to Starbucks is a national joke).

It's not that we have too many college students but more like, as you alluded to, too many students gaining low needs degrees.  The art, English and history fields have been saturated.  Had those students entered into a high demand field, they wouldn't be working on Starbucks.  That to me is more of a failure of the career counseling of these schools.  They willinging took the money and cared little for the post school success of those students.

I don't think career counseling is the issue, these students know that they likely won't get a job when they graduate anyways. They're doing it because it's something they like and they're expected to go to college.

Due to the fact that there's no way to force people to pick an education around a career, we'll continue to have so many students graduating without a proper job. I'm all for pushing trade schools since it's teaching a transferable and marketable skill.


Hehe, I remember our discussion on this. That was fun, and in the end we sorta agreed