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94 confirmed game. Click link for video.

100ft Robot Golf The Gallery: Six Elements P.O.L.L.E.N
Ace Combat 7 Get Even Project CARS
Adr1ft GNOG Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin
Albino Lullaby Godling Q.U.B.E. ²
Allison Road Golem Radial-G
The Apollo 11 VR Experience The Golf Club Rez Infinite
Atom Universe Gran Turismo Sport RIGS
Ark: Survival Evolved Harmonix Music VR Robinson: The Journey
The Assembly Hatsune Miku Project Shadow of the Beast
Battlezone Headmaster Snow
Bebylon Battle Royale Holodance Summer Lesson
Chernobyl VR Project iO Moon SuperHyperCube
Classroom Aquatic The Hum: Abductions Surgeon Simulator
Crystal Rift Hyper Void Synthesis Universe
Cult County Job Simulator Tea Party Simulator
Cyber Danganronpa VR Joysound VR Technolust
Dead or Alive Extreme 3 Jurassic Encounter Tekken 7
Dead Secret Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Thunderbird
Desert Bus Kona Trackmania Turbo
Distance Loading Human Until Dawn: Rush of Blood
Dreams The London Heist Vanguard V
DriveClub Megaton Rainfall Vector 36
Dynasty 8 Warriors VR Mind: Path to Thalamus VizionEck
Eagle Flight The Music Room Volume: Coda
The Easel Mind: Path to Thalamus War Thunder
Earthlight The Modern Zombie Taxi Co. Wayward Sky
Eclipse Mortal Blitz VR White Day: A Labyrinth Named School
Eve: Valkyrie The Music Room World of Diving
Fated Nighttime Terror 2 World War Toons
Final Fantasy XIV Omega Agent Xing: The Land Beyond
Futuridium EP Deluxe Paranormal Activity VR  
Futuridium VR Playroom VR