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barneystinson69 said:
binary solo said:
brute said:
It will be tough for Microsoft to ever win with price parity, especially now that Halo isn't what it was, they really need to try and make Halo big like it used to be.


MS needs to do what Nintendo did with Splatoon take a genre they're not known for and create something completely fresh and amazing. Trouble is MS doesn't have the game making geniuses of Nintendo.

The reason Halo didn't sell console's is because there wasn't a standard bundle. Sorry, but I wouldn't pay 500$ for an XB1 either. On top of the fact they lost COD, and Sony had star wars, it was obvious as to why Microsoft was going to lose.

while a standard bundle might have been enough Halo no longer has the pull that it did in the 7th gen. Halo is only selling to old school Halo fans now, so it's not going to bring in a new audience over and above the fans who have loved Halo from the beginning. Therefore MS needs another iconic game series in a totally different genre. And yeah, MS needs to get some 3rd party marketing deals for key games. Problem is the CoD deal is likely to be a multi year deal, probably till the end of the generation and there's virtually no bigger deal. MS is pretty much at a point of coasting through the generation doing what's needed to maintain current levels and start planning for next gen.


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