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Shadow1980 said:
Here's today's update to the monthly ranks:

PS4 Star Wars basic bundle: #3 (—)
XBO Gears bundle: either #15 (—)
PS4 NDC (disc) bundle: #39 (—)
New 3DS XL (black): #42 (↓1)
XBO 1TB 3-game bundle: #54 (↓1)
Wii U MK8 bundle: #57 (—)
PS4 COD bundle: #94 (—)

And here's the update for Week 5:

PS4 COD bundle (standard): #28 (↑4)
PS4 Star Wars bundle: #38 (↑3)
New 3DS XL (Black): #62 (↑4)
XBO Gears bundle: #76 (↑1)

The week 5 numbers are attrocious for the X1 perspectives in January.

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