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#1: Super Mario Galaxy 2


As we see 2015 fade away, and over the past 50 days remind ourselves of why we love this hobby of ours so much, we all now stand at the precipice of it all: our greatest game of all time. For me that game is Super Mario Galaxy 2, a game that somehow improved on perfection. I'll sing its praises for a bit: the game is honed, tightened, and refined... yet at the same time expanded upon with bigger ideas and bigger stakes. Super Mario Galaxy 2 perfects what the original started, and even then it soars to new worlds of creativity. There's not much else to say to be honest. Galaxy 2 is the best that gaming has to offer, and reminds us all about the heights that interactive entertainment can reach. I'll close with a quote from Satoru Iwata, reminding me the simple truth that gaming has to offer:

Above all, video games are meant to just be one thing: Fun for everyone.

I couldn't agree more, and Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the perfect representation of that.