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#4: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Action Adventure

The cliched entry, but then again it's that way for a good reason. Ocarina is a special game, a game that broke barriers and pushed the medium while remaining faithful to what made the gaming industry so unique. This game opened eyes, mine included, to what gaming could achieve, and what you as the player could achieve through it. I was allowed to see through Link's eyes, and more importantly, walk in his shoes and interact through him. Every experience was one that we shared together, all through the magic of interactivity that gaming brings. Whether it be the first time we saw Hyrule Field, the startling realization of Adult Link and that the game wasn't even 1/3 completed, riding Epona, confronting Ganondorf and the incredible battle that followed... or finally saving the world and realizing that it was just a game. But a game like this is one that is truly unforgettable, truly revolutionary, and truly what gaming is all about. The game is here for a reason, so I raise a glass to Ocarina of Time, the God Father of video games.