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#8: Pokemon Red/Blue


The original Pokemon isn't much to look at these days. It's incredibly dated, whether it be graphically (at least the sprite work looks better than the original Red/Green versions), gameplay wise (the battle engine has been honed and perfected since then, and going back is tough), or how unpolished the game is (although some glitches are part of the charm. Never forget Missingno!). There are better games that have come before this game, but the fact remains that this game holds importance to me that few other games can. This game was a part of my childhood that helped to form that childhood. It was played and replayed innumerous times, helped me forgre friendships with others on the playground, and even to this day my siblings and I pick up the latest Pokemon games together and play 'em, just like we did back in Christmas of 1998. Pokemon Red/Blue isn't just a game, but a cherished part of my life.