sethnintendo said:

Two party system -  This needs to be changed to a multiparty system.  Both major parties suck.  There needs to be more parties to choose from and your vote needs to count.  Proportional representation is far superior to winner takes all.  I would vote if winner takes all was axed.  I want my vote to count for a third party.

Electoral college - This is the worst idea to keep alive in the 21st century.  Fuck the electoral college.  Gore would have defeated Bush if it was up to the popular vote.  Now we have turmoil in Iraq for decades thanks to Bush being allowed President.  They say your vote counts...  What if you voted for the other guy than your state elects?  You vote doesn't count.

Citizens United - The biggest pile of shit to ever get approved from the Supreme Court.  Money talks.

Election Day - Needs to be a national holiday.

2Pac - Changes

1.) I would prefer that there aren't any parties because I want candidates to be elected by merit. However, I'm not against a third or even fourth a party either. It would be nice to see a libertarian (with a lowercase "l") party as I find the Democrats and Republicans too authoritarian (though for different reasons). As a left-leaning libertarian, I am not convinced by any presidential candidate.

2.) I agree with you on the electoral college, but your reasoning could use some work. I'm against the "winner takes all" mentality because there will be cases where the vote will be extremely close. For Candidate A to, for instance, win all of Ohio's electoral votes by a 2% advantage is not representative of the state's opinions of Candidate A and B. Gerrymandering also needs to go.

3.) I am not against the idea of Citizens United as a group. However, I do not like the lack of funding limits because that will lead to Citizens United representing only a mere fraction of the constiuency.

4.) I think encouraging people who can't or aren't willing to go to the polls to do absentee balloting is a better solution.