sethnintendo said:

Two party system -  This needs to be changed to a multiparty system.  Both major parties suck.  There needs to be more parties to choose from and your vote needs to count.  Proportional representation is far superior to winner takes all.  I would vote if winner takes all was axed.  I want my vote to count for a third party.

Electoral college - This is the worst idea to keep alive in the 21st century.  Fuck the electoral college.  Gore would have defeated Bush if it was up to the popular vote.  Now we have turmoil in Iraq for decades thanks to Bush being allowed President.  They say your vote counts...  What if you voted for the other guy than your state elects?  You vote doesn't count.

Citizens United - The biggest pile of shit to ever get approved from the Supreme Court.  Money talks.

Election Day - Needs to be a national holiday.

2Pac - Changes

The House and Senate should be dissolved.  The days of having to have a very small group of people represent a larger body are over, largely because of the internet age.  There is no need, any longer, to have these folks pretending to vote for those they pretend to represent.  It's also high time that the populace is actually forced to take a larger role in this country.  1 Person, 1 Vote.  The President and Cabinet would propose legislation, maybe have a think tank on hand to help write up legislation/amendments etc... then the President pitches it to the people, and the people vote on a bi-monthly basis (for all proposed legislation/amendments).  Tie the vote to SSN# to avoid fraud.

In this sense, we crush special interests, we crush lobbyists, and Citizen's United becomes irrelevant, because they'd no longer be able to really influence anyone other than the President, and the President can't enact legislation w/o the populaces backing.  You'd still retain the structure of Democracy, and you'd still (obviously) retain the Office of the Presidency and their cabinet (would be needed for foreign affairs, etc...), but the actual voting would be the responsibility o f the populace, and not up to less than 600 people to decide for a country of 310+ million.

I'm sure there are issues with this idea, but I think the bottom line is that the House and Senate are simply no longer necessary in a time where you can inform the populace about virtually anything, and it doesn't take days/weeks for news to travel from one side of the country to the other.   This would also have the added bonus of getting more people directly involved in the political process and hopefully encourage people to learn more about the things they vote on.