sethnintendo said:
mai said:

Attempts to change political system without considering currently existing elites (aka who "owns" the state) consensus is like trying to build a sandcastle, it won't live past next tidal wave.

I will never be able to make the changes.  I just want to open the eyes.

Whatever, this's still "wrong end of the stick" approach. Consider very much plausible situation when elites consensus might come to an abrubpt end and we'll be witnessing a "spiders in a sealed pot" fight, which current political system might not survive, whoever wins. Here's your make-believe change with dozens of political parties while the system as the whole is even less manageable and average voter infuence is even more negligible :D

In the situation of the global deflation, when assets are cheap and money are expensive, this is most realisitc thing to expect. More assets to the fattest spiders.