sethnintendo said:
sc94597 said:

1. I'd rather a no-party system. We vote for individual candidates based on their individual merits. 

2. Take that up with the states. The U.S has a dual-sovereign federal system and the states have political power in the federal elections. 

3. What change to the supreme court would've changed this? It seems like they made the decision within their powers. 

4. Honestly, almost every employer - even the likes of Walmart - give people off on this day or part of this day to vote, often with paid time off. I don't see how this is a big poliltical issue anyway. People aren't going to start voting if it were a holiday, in fact, I think people would be more inclined not to because they would rather enjoy their leisure time than voting, where as now it is a way to get out of work.  

I generally agree the U.S political system needs to change/not be what it is. I'd personally rather there be no federal government, and we would had stuck with the articles of confederation. 


3. They allowed super PACs.  This is the worst idea ever for politics.

4. My employer sure as hell doesn't give election day off.  I don't know where you work but most private employers in USA don't give election day off.

3. Which political power given to the supreme court could have prevented them from doing this, if it were not to exist? It seems to me that it is their decision, and the only way to prevent the ability to make said decision is to not have a supreme court at all. 

4. I've worked at Walmart and Ikea as a part time employee in recent years . The first allowed me to take off two hours, if I so chose, to go vote. The latter let me take off the whole day and gave me PTO (independent of my regular earned PTO) to do it. If jobs like these allow people to vote, I have a hard time believing more white-collared positions wouldn't. Although I guess one can go vote on one's very long lunch breaks in those positions.