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#14: Conker's Bad Fur Day


I'll admit it, Conker's Bad Fur Day is special to me in part because it was an aventure just to get our hands on it. Convincing your parents to rent a rated M game and then sneaking it to your room to play with your best friend was all the thrills my 13 year old self could handle. But more than that, CBFD is a fun and oh-so-hilarious game. It was always engaging due to the constant change of gameplay mechanics, settings, and gags. One moment you're fighting against a giant Poo monster, then you're fighting off hordes of zombies, and after that you're recreating the lobby scene from The Matrix. Combine that with incredibly diverse and always smile-inducing multiplayer modes... and you have a truly unforgettable game that nails everything it tries to achieve. CBFD is an unforgettable game, and I'll always remember it in the highest regard.