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#15: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


I have no idea why I originally decided to give this game a go. My only previous run in with the series was when my brother got Oblivion for the 360 back when it first came out. I saw him play a little bit and then he returned it not long after, saying it "was boring" (don't tell SlimeBeast). Despite all that, I found myself within the world of Tamriel in the 4th Age. In the middle of a great civil war, all while something more sinister was (literally) above our heads. It was an adventure that entralled me from the very start. The haunting and beautiful continent of Skyrim, the locales, the people, the music (oh lord that music). It let me play how I wanted to play, and I loved it for that. That combined with the plethora of amazing mods at my fingertips (and console commands as well), led to a game that I could play for hours and hours on end. I got lost in Skyrim, and I didn't want to be found.