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Ryng_Tolu said:

Teeqoz. ReimTime. Slade. And all.
Do you guys wanna know why i becomed so boring? ( because i know i'm becomed boring, is what i wanted to become).
Because i still didn't hearted the simple word... "sorry".

And now you can even link me a 7 months old prediction, too bad that since that i'm becomed the best predictor for this game, better than Tbone who predicted 5 million LT by half November, when my prediction was already bigger ( 5.5m ) back in half september.

Many guys here asked the apologies to Tbone. Where are mine? Because i hear "congrats tbone!!!", "Tbone you was right" "sorry Tbone i will never doubt about you", and Tolu?

Has ONE guy on this site even asked me some apologies? some "you was right" comment? NO.

Teeqoz. We made an avatar bet. You know. What's happed? You know you already lost. Have you said "you was right?" No. In my "Can PS4 ship 10 million thread" i said i was wrong about PS4 sell < 100 million, have you said "i was wrong, you was right about Splatoon >5 million?"
No, you didn't.

ALL time i bumped a Splatoon thread, the only thing i wanted hear was a simple "give me some credit".
Which is never happened. All time "congrats tbone", Tolu never existed here.

So, ok, congrats Tbone. You was the only guy who predicted insane numbers for Splatoon. Who is Tolu?

This was the last Splatoon bump, since i still didn't heart what i wanted. A SIMPLE CREDIT TO ME.


Goodbye, i will never back on VGChartz.

Although this does not concern me, listen up, I have something you need to hear. Are you ready? Ok here it is:

Did you expect everybody to happily say "wow congrats" after you quoted them and were all like "LOL ur funny eat crow m8 HAHAH"

I didn't see tbone do that, and he seems to have received congratulations. Illuminati?

If you wanted a simple credit you shouldn't have brought this up the way you did. This is exactly what happened:

"Who is tolu? Oh yea, he's the guy waving the stick in my face yelling 'EAT CROW' repeatedly. I think I'll go out of my way to ignore him."

I've seen you get banned a few times already for necrobumping. I'm not the smartest but I'm guessing that is because necrobumping is frowned upon.

You get out what you put in. You want nice comments? Be nice to people.You're capable of being a good user and you have a place here.

See you next time you come back. If you expect a better reaction on Gaf with your crow-eating yells then I'm not sure what to tell you.

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