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tbone51 said:
Mummelmann said:
There are five 3 million sellers on the Wii U and all five are either Mario games or Nintendoland. So; no, 3 million is way too high an expectation. 1 million should be considered a raging success imo.

SSB aint a Mario game, and nobody buys it for Mario :p

That said yes i agree, 1mil would be a raging success, and though i think 3mil is a far reach, i believe if any game could get close to that figure on wiiu, it be this. 

I do believe This game is being underestimated (in sales), Hopefully its over 1mil before Holidays and its over 1.5mil By end of 2015, but i'll settle with 1mil at the same time...


Ryng_Tolu said:
gergroy said:
Nope, doubt it will even sell a million honestly. I'm expecting W101 numbers...

Well, maybe 3m is too much, but the W101 numbers are too low. According to COMG, Splatoon have more than 20 point. usually 1 point = 1,000 unit.

Splatoon is gonna to have more than 50 point before released, that mean +50,000 sold, maybe even more.

W101 first week sold just 5k...


I expect 1,500,000 lifetime for Splatoon, as well it can sell under 1m, but the W101 numbers seriusly no way.


You two need to eat some of that crow too, your predictions were just as crappy as the rest.