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#17: Mario Kart 64


WELCOME TO MARIO KART! And with that moment, I was forever a fan of Mario Kart. Better Mario Kart games have come and gone since Kart 64 came in 1997 (With 8 being the best yet), but Mario Kart 64 is also a game that created so many fond memories. So many battle modes with friends and family, so many shortcuts heard about on the playground, so many secrets that turned out to be a bunch of nothing (Darn you Peach's Royal Raceway! I know you're hiding something!). Mario Kart 64 is an important part of my childhood, and for that I will always cherish this game. Heck, we'll still pop out the ol' N64 and play a few rounds, remembering the good times and forging new memories in the here and now. It's a special game to me, and it always will be.