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#18: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Action Adventure

Two Zelda styled games starring wolves came out in 2006, and they were both incredible games. It was a pretty darn good year in that regard. Twilight Princess holds one of the most hype-worthy moments in E3 history, and its something I will always remember. But it's not just the memories, but the fact that the game is an incredible one to boot. Twilight Princess has some of my favorite character designs in the series (Seriously, TP Ganondorf is just perfect!), and also has some of my favorite temples as well (The Snowpeak Ruins is brilliant in how it transitions into a temple). The fact that we'll be seeing an enhanced edition next year is awesome news, and maybe we'll even see some improvement to the soundtrack (the midi style was dated when it came out in 2006!). Either way, I'm excited to jump in once more.