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#22: Pokemon X/Y


Pokemon is a series about small yet natural growth. It's extremely confident in its core mechanics and the message it's been conveying over the last two decades. But Pokemon X/Y offers some of the most growth I've seen in the series, starting with the jump from sprites to a full 3D world. As much as I love sprite work in games, this game has really brought each and every Pokemon to life in ways they could have never been before. Even Pokemon I didn't like designwise before make much more sense in their fluid movement. Also added for the first time in 12 years was a brand new typing. Plus, I had a bunch of awesome new Dark types to train! Malamar, Pangoro, Yveltal, and Hoopa Unbound are some of my new favorites! Plus I love the aspect of chaning your clothing and hair, something that I hope the new Pokemon games expand on in future games. Pokemon is growing more and more alive with each iteration, and Pokemon X/Y is the best yet.