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Arkaign said:
jason1637 said:
Arkaign said:



Bear in mind that all retail LE Halo 5 sales and Halo 5 bundles are counted as 'Digital', so apples/apples comparisons to your typical "20%" titles are impossible.

That said, if we get some good leaks on H5 bundle sales and LE edition sales from the NPD guys, we might be able to approximate things.

By my own estimates I think the actual DD number of people not getting the game from a store in an LE package or Halo 5 X1 bundle would be more like 25% or less.

Actually that halo 5 LE was included in the 930k NPD last month. SO that 300k is all raw sales.

Yep, I had forgotten how the leaks accumulated. The actual retail sales were worse for individual SKUs, but at least it gave us a picture on how the bundle did.

Preorders and digital are their strongest on launch (I guess due to people wanting to preload and be ready at the first possible moment?), so it will be interesting to see how the falloff will be for November retail sales. It has fallen massively in the UK from official sources. I have no idea if the same will hold true for the US market, but Abdiel (Best Buy source) seemed to indicate that it fell off a cliff pretty quickly, and the one-two-three combo of CoD, FO4, and SWBF can't have been easy to withstand.

Well the game went to like 180kin the US when cod launched os yeah a bad fall. If the 30% holds up true then id expect the game to be around 2.9m right now since vgchartz has it at 2.18m retail. Also these are good sales not halo type sales but still good for a AAA game.