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#24: Disney's Epic Mickey


Do you have that one game that's "yours"? That one game that you feel like belongs only to you? Maybe it's underappreciated or even forgotten by everyone else, but you yourself love that game. And that fact makes you cherish it even more. Well Disney's Epic Mickey is that game for me. The game definitely has its faults (a N64-era quality camera system being the biggest one), but even despite those, I really do adore this game and what it is. For any classic Disney fan, the game is a dream come true with its homage to all things Mickey and Disney, as the world itself is where forgotten Disney lands and characters live. It's so apparent that this game was a project of love, and that really does translate into a game that stands out. And I can't forget the incredible soundtrack by James Dooley (check it out!). In the end, Disney's Epic Mickey can feel like a secret that only I know about and love. And in some ways, that makes the game even more special to me. Still, I wont mind if you happen to love the game as well!