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First off, wow I don't even remember the last time I started a thread... hi everyone!

Ok, I've put just over 10 hours into Xenoblade Chronicles X and here my thoughts...

First off, it's huge. Almost overwelmingly huge. I've only explored a small part of the first continent and have 4 more to go. In many ways XCX actually feels like an MMO in scope. But it's not just the game world that's huge, it's the menus! You are given access to so much information from the get go that it's frankly too much. 10 hours in and I'm just starting to grasp the scope of everything I need to juggle to optimise my character. This was an issue in XC Wii too but that game did a much better job of explaining things than XCX.

Speaking of XC Wii, that game had much more focus on story than XCX, in fact once you hit chapter 3-4 the story kinda goes out the window (and remember I'm 10 hours in). Oddly enough though, XCX has much better writting than the original and the english dub is amazing.

Also, I'm nowhere near understanding all the 'social' elements in XCX, right now I'm pretending they dont exist.

Anyway that's all I can think to right down right now. If you guys have any questions about the early goings of XCX please let me know!


Edit - if I had to give it a score (using the old VGC scale - 9.1 / 10)