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#29: Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door


The first Paper Mario was already a beloved game for me by the time the sequel came out. But when I did get my hands on The Thousand Year Door, I knew that all my expectations were about to be blown away. Sharp, beautiful graphics, vibrant and wonderfully crafted worlds, hilarious dialogue, some of the best supporting cast I've had the pleasure to play with in an RPG (Vivian is the best!), the ability to play as the always incomprable Bowser, jiggle physics (well...), awesome boss battles, and an endgame that seperated the main from the boys. Paper Mario is fun, engaging, and oh so memorable even more than 10 years later. I'm still waiting for a proper sequel (Sticker Star just isn't the same!), and even though I'll be playing Paper Jam... in the back of my mind I'll still be grumbling about the fact that it's NOT AN ACTUAL PAPER MARIO GAME AAAAARGH! Some day...