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#30: Mario Kart 8


As we look towards the NX in 2016 (knocks on wood), we're now starting to view the Wii U as a console in the twilight of its career. Due to the system's short life span and weak sales, you can't help but wonder what would have happened if its fortunes were turned around. If sales were strong and the developers put their full focus on making their best game possible. Looking back, Mario Kart 8 was one of those few games where you know that despite everything, the developers put their hearts and souls into this game, making sure it was everything fans were expecting, and more. Incredible graphics (with hilarious character animations), an amazing soundtrack, some of the best courses in the series, awsome bonus content, Ludwig von Koopa, great online... Mario Kart 8 is the ultimate Mario Kart experience. It's a game where you know that the utmost care was put into it, and it shows in every way possible.