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#31: Pokemon Gold/Silver & HeartGold/SoulSilver


Pokemon Gold/Silver was my first ever pre-ordered game. By that time I was a full fledged Pokemaniac and couldn't wait to get my hands on the newest Pokemon adventure. A new world to explore and new Pokemon to discover? Count me in! And what an adventure it was! Although it was a bit smaller than I expected at first, the game completely blew me away by having the entire Kanto region as its postgame. Still one of the greatest gaming surprises of all time. And that final battle with Red at the end... truly an unforgettable experience. The remake also ranks among the top tier Pokemon games, with a plethora of content and the awesome ability for a Pokemon to follow you! All in all, Pokemon Gold/Silver is a truly unforgettable game in its impact on me as a gamer.