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#33: TimeSplitters: Future Perfect


The TimeSplitters franchise is easily my favorite classic shooter franchise. 2 and Future Perfect are both the complete packages. An incredibly diverse and engaging single player campaign full of humor ("It's time to SPLIT!"), horror (the haunted mansion level was creeeepy), and tense gunplay. A wonderful cast of characters headed by the hilarious Sgt. Cortez, with dozens of characters to pick with unique stats and characteristics (Favorite: Deadwinda). An awesome array of weapons from the past and future, with dual wielding flare guns always leading to hilarity. A plethora of incredible modes (Virus being my favorite). A stage creation tool that led to awesome shenanigans (WHO WANTS TO PLAY BUMPER CARS?!). Future Perfect had it all. I wish current games (*cough Battlefront cough*) would learn that the bar has been set high a long time ago, with TimeSplitters: Future Pefect being among those shooters sitting on the mountaintop.